A.G.A. Natural Swimponds

‘From Concept to Completion’
We craft the pool, we grow the plants.

A.G.A. Natural Swimming Pond Company

The A.G.A. Group is the parent organisation under which a number of specialist divisions operate, these divisions allow for in-depth understanding of specific elements of the aquatic environment and provide expert knowledge in specific fields.

For over 30 years the A.G.A. Group have been one of the leaders’ in projects involving all aspects of aquatic and bioengineering.

We design and build many diverse aquatic projects associated with the leisure industry, such as fishing lakes, boating pools, commercial and garden water features, lily ponds, recreational lakes and educational ponds.

We have been designing, constructing and planting natural swimming ponds for clients since 2006.

A.G.A. natural swimming pond division is committed to providing an exceptional experience that will deliver a natural swimming pond that enhances your property and creates a welcoming health spa.

Our project team undertake pre-design consultation, planning strategy, construction, planting and commissioning.

A.G.A. Group has its own aquatic nursery, one of the largest in the UK. We have been commercially growing, supplying and trans-planting aquatic vegetation for over three decades.

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swimpond-accreditation-footer-2015A.G.A is accredited to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. and ISO18001 Hold diplomas in the installation of Firestone EPDM Liner Products The A.G.A. Group has a licence agreement with FSC UK and respects and promotes the principles and rights of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)