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How is swim pond water kept clear and clean?

Swimming ponds emulate the natural purifying properties of plants and micro-organisms. Our design ensures biodiversity is maintained and balanced to maintain clean, healthy water.

How do I go about conforming to regulations?

Our work will always conform to legislation, planning consents, accepted codes of Best Management Practice and comply with industry recognised standards.

Can you convert my traditional outdoor swimming pool into a Natural Swimming Pond?

It is possible to adapt an existing traditional pool into a Natural Swimming Pond, but this will involve site specific design considerations.

Do I need special maintenance?

You will need to take simple steps to keep the pond at its best. Don’t allow leaves or debris to build up in the pool or the regeneration area. Where skimmers are used they will need to be emptied from tom to time. Nature dose the rest.

Is there a filter system?

The water is filtered consistently through the medium that surrounds the swimming area, circulated by the pump system. The plants, once they are well established, will also have a filtering effect, extracting nutrients and trace elements. Keeping nutrient levels low inhibits the growth of algae.

Do we need planning permission?

Swimming ponds are normally treated as any other swimming pool and do not have to conform to planning consent in your garden. There are however some exceptions e.g. Building on agricultural land, Listed properties and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We can deal successfully with these issues on your behalf.

What are year round water temperatures?

Water is re-circulated into the swimming zone from the shallow regeneration area so there is generally a warming effect within the swim zone.

Heat pumps and solar warming systems can be used to extend the swimming season but temperatures should not exceed those tolerated by the aquatic vegetation.

What are the seasonal considerations?


From the spring of the second year, plants in the regeneration zone should be cropped to avoid excessive growth and tired or dead foilage removed.


During windy, warm, and dry conditions, water can evaporate at the rate of up to 6mm per m2 per day. When water level gets too low it should be topped up to protect plants in the regeneration area. Tap water can be used.


Keep the pond clear of dead leaves and plant debris. This should be removed and not allowed to decompose thus introducing undesirable nutrients


Allow your swimming pond to freeze over.

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