How They Work

The swimming pond is divided into two areas, the regeneration area(zone) and the swimming area (zone).

The regeneration area can surround the swimming area or can be on 1, 2 or 3 sides of the pool (2 or 3 sides is the minimum recommended for successful filtration).

A wall terminating below the water surface is used to keep the planting area apart from the swimming pond.

A pump is used to move water from the base of the swimming area to the edge of the regeneration area.

Discharging the swim area water into the shallow area of the regeneration zone helps to elevate the pool temperature.

Skimmers are installed to keep the surface of the pool free of floating debris.

Additional heating can be applied (using the mains supply or solar panels) but the temperature should not be so high that it will disturb the planting (20-26C is recommended).

If you prefer more water clarity than might otherwise be the case then we can install mechanical and UV filtration.

All pumps are supplied by our commercial manufacturing partners Oase.


Unwanted nutrients associated with fish are not desirable however added environmental interest can be achieved by introducing fish into an adjacent pond designed to give the appearance of them being within the swim pond.

Invertebrates and Amphibians will naturally find their way into swim ponds to enhance its biodiversity.

Wild fowl introduce unwanted nutrients to the pond and should be discouraged.

The regeneration zone is constructed with graduated layers of angular gravels evenly layered to a depth of 300mm over NP300 Needle Punch fabric laid to protect the EPDM Liner.

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