Construction and Installation

By opting for our in-house professionals you have access to economical, innovative and proven systems and techniques. We work in close union with our suppliers often developing products and refining systems to suit any tricky application that may arise.
We will, where appropriate prefabricate as much work as possible at A.G.A. Group workshops in Merton, we always try to keep clients homes and gardens as work free as possible.

The A.G.A Group like to strike a balance that ensures the project objectives are achieved in such a way as to attune to the biodiversity and sustainability of the swimming pond.

We take care to conform to all regulatory requirements and work with best practice construction methods, one of the reasons why, for over 30 years our group has had a successful record of working with partnership ventures and turnkey projects throughout the UK with no reportable H&S accidents or incidents.

Our dedicated teams hold the necessary qualifications to fulfill all aspects of the project development and execution.

The installation for basic water-retention areas is similar to other types of garden pond and pool construction, normally an Firestone EPDM impermeable membrane. We have a range of liners available so that you can select whichever type best suits the finished appearance and meets your specific needs. The base of the swimming area can also be surfaced in gravel, traditional tiles or even Astroturf depending on the client’s preference. Whatever the choices, you will be swimming in pure naturally filtered water with no chemicals.

The construction of a natural swimming pond will vary in shape and style depending on any site specific considerations and on customer involvement.

From concept to completion we will craft swimming ponds:-

  • that create a soothing year round ambience.
  • with characteristic designs which blend in with your house and garden.
  • that illuminate the environment as feature centre piece.
  • with lounging platforms, steps, boardwalks or patios.



Having prepared and dug out the area the pool liner is installed…

The new swimpond is now nearing completion and ready to fill…

The pool has its first fill and the effect and impact are obvious…

After the liner is installed the walkway and gravel can be added

The bottom of the ‘regeneration zone is covered with graded gravel and planted..

To maintain the water quality hi grade filtration is installed….

To maintain open surface water skimmers and filter box is installed..

Firestone ‘EPDM’ sheet used for lining the pool..

Optional ‘artificial gravel’pond liner..
Darker rounded gravel for use over liner..

Artificial turf for alternative pond lining…

Optional lighter gravel for use over the liner…

Optionally choose tiles…

swimpond-accreditation-footer-2015A.G.A is accredited to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. and ISO18001
Hold diplomas in the installation of Firestone EPDM Liner Products
The A.G.A. Group has a licence agreement with FSC UK and respects and promotes the principles and rights of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)