The Design Stage

Natural swimming ponds are a fairly recent concept in the UK and an innovation in garden design. In Europe natural swimming ponds are widely accepted as the more ecologically friendly form of swimming pool. They are much more eco-friendly than conventional swimming pools.

Because they do not rely upon chemical sterilisation, but instead let nature carry out this processes we make certain our design features, choice of materials, apparatus and planting options support the functions of a successful working swim pond.

planning-the-swimpondOur clients can be confident that their bespoke natural swimming pond will be designed to maximise all that nature can provide. We do this by ensuring that the swimpond is designed with ecologically sound principles always at the fore. This principal enables the potential of aquatic plants to be fully realised, serving to filter the water naturally whilst making sure that the depths and contours of the regeneration zone are correct to sustain growth and make sure that any potentially problematic or invasive aquatic plants are constrained by the environment itself.

We take our commitment to quality and client satisfaction very seriously. We do not put client’s deliberations to one side. Your input is a valuable contribution to the project’s success. By working with you to design and create your swimming pond we can meet all of your criteria and aspirations.

The A.G.A. Group has aquatic management as one of its core disciplines, our company offers all the professional benefits you would expect when acting as your design and construct contractor.

We design and install pleasing environmentally friendly swimming ponds in tune with the nature of your own garden. Carefully considered design and construction from the very start can save on the future maintenance of any natural swimming pond.

The A.G.A Group natural swimming ponds have advantages over traditional swimming pools; they also look beautiful and respect the environment.


swimponds-design option 3

Some plants to include in the design….

Iris pseudacorus (flag iris)

Carex acutiformis

Mentha aquatica

Carex riparia

Lythrum salicaria

Nymphaea alba

Callitriche palustris

Phalaris arundinacea

swimpond-accreditation-footer-2015A.G.A is accredited to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. and ISO18001
Hold diplomas in the installation of Firestone EPDM Liner Products
The A.G.A. Group has a licence agreement with FSC UK and respects and promotes the principles and rights of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)